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King Of The North: There is something that has bothered us about Ezekiel 38. Ezekiel 38 is a prophecy given by the prophet Ezekiel in which in the latter days there is a war that breaks out in the Middle East. The war is instigated by the leader of a confederation of nations known as Rosh and is focused on an attempt to invade and subdue Israel.

However surprisingly there is no mention of Egypt or Syria in this war.

Then we have Daniel 11:40 which describes a war involving the king of the north (Syria) and the king of the south (Egypt). So the missing accomplices in Ezekiel 38 (Syria and Egypt) appear in Daniel 11:40. Is this a riddle?

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The Merovingian King:
 The Holy Grail is inextricably linked with the mysterious family known to the ruling elite as the Merovingians; a name used in the Da Vinci Code, The Matrix and others due to the undeniable power it holds. The Merovingians have been identified as the 13th and last bloodline of the Illuminati and in the Merovingian King we bring together some of the most insightful disclosures on The Merovingians and why some believe that this is the bloodline that the Antichrist will emerge from.


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Max Spiers, a British Ufologist and conspiracy theorist, sent his mother a text message days before his death earlier this year saying: “If anything happens to me, investigate.”
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More than 25 previously unpublished "Dead Sea Scroll" fragments, dating back 2,000 years and holding text from the Hebrew Bible, have been brought to light, their contents detailed in two new books.
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Mails sent by astronaut Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta cite an impending space war and the Vatican’s knowledge of alien life. They were sent whilst Podesta served as counselor to Barack Obama.
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From humble beginnings www.globalwatchweekly.com is rapidly becoming one of the internets most dynamic truth disclosure sites. What makes us different to most secular truth disclosure sites is that we don't believe the future is just about doom and gloom. We believe that there is a coming day of reckoning when Gods physical kingdom will be established on this earth and the principalities and powers behind the new world order agenda will be overthrown by his son Yeshua. Click here to see why we explore such topics.

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