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In the last decade a new breed of technology corporations around the world have appeared all working behind the scenes in preparing the world to accept now forms of technology which were not possible a few decades ago.

Its not normal to see a link between technology and the human soul yet the evidence is mounting that beneath the exterior message that technology is here to make things easier for us, there is something more potent at work.

Something that is seeking to capture the human soul in ways not thought possible. Find out more.

When a privately funded corporation or government agency is able to tell you what you had for breakfast this morning or has the ability to know where you are at any given time during the day it destroys the very concept of personal privacy and it also destroys the concept of security because we all know how reckless these companies can be when it comes to our data and how data can be abused and manipulated. We are told that the wonderful innovations and developments of these companies is for the greater good of mankind to help protect us and ensure the stability of society. That losses of freedoms are for the overall benefit of society, in a world where we are constantly threatened by hostile enemies. There is a justifiable case for this view but then seeing the Masonic eye of Lucifer on the actual corporate logo of the subsidiary of an organization, that is supposed to be protecting us totally changes the game and reveals the hand.

In 21st Century Pied Pipers we reveal the truth behind companies that have little disregard for me or you. Instead their technological progression is fuelled by a spirit. Building the apparatus of the Antichrist is the prime objective yet it has been camouflaged under the justification of protecting national interests, when many believe this was all brought about by false flag operations.

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