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It may seem like a confusing world yet scripture does seem to make a case that Armageddon is a 4 dimensional battle. Who will the battle involve? Is America absent? Is it conceivable that Israel could be destroyed? Who is the King of the North and the King of the South mentioned in Daniel 11?

Will 200 million soldiers from Red China attempt a power grab? As you begin to examine Armageddon theology you will soon realize it is one of the most controversial and hotly debated aspect of end time prophecy. But with so many opinions and conjectures can we really make sense of Armageddon theology?

It may seem like a confusing world yet scripture does seem to make a case that Armageddon is 3 dimensional and even possibly a 4 dimensional battle. Understanding Armageddon through this prism creates a consistency with scriptures and throws out all the other interpretations that seem to confuse and muddy the Bibles plan for man in the future.

Yet these are still major questions that need answers. Who will this battle involve? Will America be involved? Is it conceivable that Israel could be destroyed or over run with invading armies? Who is the King of the North and the King of the South mentioned in Daniel 11? Why is the Euphrates river so significant in relation to end time prophecy? Will all nations admire the Antichrist during his new world order utopia or will there be resentment from specific regions? Will Russia be involved and if so why? What will be the trigger for a series of apocalyptic battle scenarios? What is the Battle of the Great Day of the Lord Almighty? Will 200 million soldiers really make a power grab for Israel? What will the United Nations be doing during this time? Who are the 10 Kings mentioned in Revelation, is it a primary core of European nations within a United States of Europe or are these 10 kingdoms or regions of the earth under the leadership of a global dictator.

In Armageddon Express, through 12 hours of audio documentaries we explore this incredible and extraordinary Armageddon event which will be the bridge that closes out the Kingdom of man and the devil and brings in the Kingdom of God on earth. See below for further details. 

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KING OF KINGS (2 HOUR BONUS): Discover how new evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls provides invaluable new information and clarity about the coming future battle of Armageddon that was spoken of by the apostle John in the book of Revelation. Learn how it has always been Satan’s intention to thwart the coming of Christ. He attempted it during ancient times by trying to corrupt the human race through the mingling of human and demon seed. He then attempted it during the birth of Christ using King Herod. He will also again attempt one final futile attempt. By drawing the full might of the world’s armies into the Middle East, it is a last ditch attempt to use the might of men to try and oppose the second Coming of Christ and through the final phases of the Armageddon war seek for the destruction of Israel in the process, and thus derail the coming of the Messiah to save his people. Understand how the coming of Jesus Christ will bring a finale to the end of human government and the beginning of a new form of government. This bonus is a Fascinating finale to the Armageddon Express series.

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