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Source: Breaking Israel News

A lost city that appeared in the Bible has been found near Jerusalem, experts say.

Historians believe they have uncovered a building belonging to the ancient settlement, which is linked to King David.

Professor Avraham Faust, co-head of the archaeological dig, said the latest find backs the case for the historical accuracy of the Bible.

He says the latest discovery is “part of the events in the Bible ascribed to the Kingdom of David”.

Biblical references claim King David is an ancestor of Jesus and would have existed around 1,000BC.

According to Breaking Israel News, archaeologists were aided by burrowing mole rats, who bring earth to the surface - which gives them a clue as to what is hiding below.

Professor Faust and Yair Sapir, of Bar-Ilan University, believes the building could be part of the city of Eglon. The city is mentioned in the Bible as one of the five which fought against the Israelites before being conquered.

But historians question the use of the Bible as a historical reference because most events mentioned in the text lack historical evidence. Inscribed stones have been found containing phrases referencing David, but his existence and story remains disputed among archaeologists.

Dr Faust told Breaking Israel News: "We, of course, did not find any artefacts that said ‘King David’ or ‘King Solomon’ but we discovered site signs of a social transformation in the region which are consistent with a change from Canaanite culture to a Judean culture.

“Since it took place at a time we believed the Kingdom of David began to spread into this region, it is clear this building was part of the events in the Bible ascribed to the Kingdom of David.”



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