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You wake up one morning and decide that unlike other mornings where you are running out to work without having breakfast that you will treat yourself to a rare occasion. As you put the bread in the toaster and turn on the kettle you press your remote control to turn on the TV. Immediately you sense something has happened because every one of the main TV station you watch have a newsflash.

As you listen to the news whilst turning your back to go and get your toast you hear that there has been a scientific breakthrough that is being hailed as the greatest advancement in the history of the human race. Scientists have managed to export the brain from a dead person to a synthetic body in which the synthetic host has showed signs of consciousness.

The Artificial Antichrist will explore the biblical descriptions of this coming technological moment in mankind's history and why the False Prophet is such as critical component of this agenda. What will be the specific expectations of the globalists, Islam, the Vatican, Freemasonry, and others in regards to the "image of the beast". Will the image be a vessel inhabited by a Nephilim? Why is the Vatican openly preparing to receive an “alien” visitor? Will he be a resurrection of Nimrod? Is his DNA a factor? What are the expectations of transhumanist technologists in this regard? Is the image of the beast some form of avatar?

Clearly, the Bible has much more to illuminate this issue far beyond the popular conceptions; and yet the composite perspective will astonish most. Furthermore, is there a climactic cosmic deception being prepared that, if it were possible, “it would deceive the very elect”? Jesus commanded us, “Be not deceived.” But, how? How close are these events to our current horizon?

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An incredible online documentary featuring an actual real live process of how some of the worlds top artificial intelligence laboratories  are creating synthetic beings which are being programmed and taught how to act, behave and speak like a real human being. Riveting and mind blowing insight which covers extensively the concept of machine learning and the difference between artificial intelligence back then and artificial intelligence in 2016.

Fantastic documentary researching the history of how artificial intelligence projects released into the public spark significant debate about the capability of artificial intelligence being able to adapt and modify its approach to solving solutions. It is this ability to modify and adapt in solving problems which for us is the biggest concern.

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