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We have created one of the most powerful and information packed resources available to enlighten you further about the matrix we live in.

All our global watch weekly report disclosures are now available across a compilation of 4 powerful CDs. Never have to worry about missing any of them as they are all on this amazing new product called Global Watch Disclosures (The Compilation).

Split into 4 categories of Platforms of the Antichrist, One World Government, Entertainment and Health and Principalities and Paradigms. Each disk also comes with a free added bonus of 3 hours of audio disclosures as key experts discuss and tackle the controversial and provocative issues head on for each specific CD.


All our global watch weekly reports which are focused on emerging technologies, global surveillance, privacy erosion, electronic currency and major changes within banking and finance are consolidated in this CD called Platforms of the Antichrist. Platforms of the Antichrist brings you face to face with the technology systems and platforms that are leading billions of people unsuspectingly into the hands of the Antichrist. From the rise of transhumanism and the emergence of nanotechnology, genetic engineering and cryogenics to the emergence of Bitcoin and the new age of digital currencies. From understanding the relevance of Goldman Sachs and the Central Bank of Settlements to the 2045 Singularity agenda. Its all here on this incredible and thought provoking CD. CD also comes with additional audio bonus of 3 hours of expert opinion.

Why are credit referencing agencies such as Equifax and Experian now being labelled by many researchers as the eyes and ears of the Antichrist beast system? (Edition 72)


Why is the coming collapse of offshore tax havens the final objective in the global elite objective to enslaves every tongue, nation and tribe? (Edition 76)


Could the CERN Hadron collider in Switzerland really be the means by which demonic portals could be opened up to unleash the judgements of Revelation? (Edition 100)


Does Goldman Sachs and specific elite banking cartels specifically plan economic collapses and if so when will be the next? (Edition 21)


All our global watch weekly reports which are focused on Israel and the middle east crisis, the explosive emergence of Islam in the west, the rise of ISIS, the movement of Russia into the middle east, the rise of the European Union, Agenda 21 and false flag conspiracies are consolidated in this CD called One World Government. One World Government brings you face to face with the architectures of global powers that are laying the foundation for the prophesied new age of Aquarius. From understanding the influence of the Rothschild's and Rockefellers to the importance of the Merovingian bloodline and the 10 lost tribes of Israel. From understanding the relevance of the prophecy of Balaam and its relevance to the revival of the spirit of ISIS, to the quest by the Vatican to unite Islam, Judaism and Christianity over the control of Jerusalem. Its all here on this incredible and thought provoking CD. CD also comes with additional audio bonus of 3 hours of expert opinion.

What is the connection between the House of Hanover, The House of Windsor, the House of Welf and the Venetian black nobility? (Edition 148)


Why is Barack Obama's relationship with Israel a key factor in the moving the middle east landscape and Jerusalem, towards a prophetical point in history? (Edition 133)


What is the umbilical chord that connects the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation? (Edition 134)


What is the truth behind the AngloSaxon Mission, the third world war and the inheritance of the earth? (Edition 22)


All our global watch weekly reports which are focused on the proliferation of the occult in the media and entertainment industry and information suppression and disinformation conspiracies within the health industry, are consolidated in this CD called Entertainment and Health. Entertainment and Health brings you face to face with the twisted and elaborate plan to use icons and celebrities within the entertainment industry as the channel by which Luciferian and occult language, symbology and philosophies are woven into modern culture. It also addresses the power of the pharmaceutical industry to buy out political parties and influence the enforcement of regulations which limit the influence of the alternative health market. Its all here on this incredible and thought provoking CD. CD also comes with additional audio bonus of 3 hours of expert opinion.

Why are Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea, Scarlet Johansson, Kate Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Rose McGowan with her occult riddled RM486 music video increasingly pushing forward in their music an alien agenda? (Edition 154)


How did a board game that predicted with incredible accuracy the new world order agenda lead to the involvement of a number of intelligence agencies? (Edition 23)


With increasing financial pressures on professional athletes to win why is the allure of supernatural now overtaking performance enhancing drugs as a threat to the sports industry? (Edition 80)


Create a disease in a lab, make it a global pandemic, create the drugs to treat it, make billions in profits from vaccinations. Is this the ultimate crime against humanity? (Edition 27)


All our global watch weekly reports which are focused on exposing the most powerful secret societies and esoteric orders, looking into supernatural phenomena such as the increasing rise of the UFO agenda and Marian apparitions, controversial doomsday predictions such as the blood moon prophecies and the shemitah code are all consolidated in this CD called Principalities and Paradigms. Principalities and Paradigms brings you face to face with looking at the great conflict between Christianity/Judaism and Freemasonry in regards to the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, to the rise of Chrislam in the United States. From analyzing the power and influence of the Jesuits in the Obama administration, to observing the influence of new world order agents, Aliester Crowley, Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky. Its all here on this incredible and thought provoking CD. CD also comes with additional audio bonus of 3 hours of expert opinion.

Which royal house of Europe has been associated with the brotherhood of the snake and dragon occultic orders that go all the way back to Egypt and Sumeria? (Edition 99)


When the new testament bible refers to Jesus creating the worlds (plural) could this mean that there are civilizations in other parts of the universe?  (Edition 156)


Post-genderism, androgony, transhumanism. What is the link between all three and how are they contributing to the corruption of the human image? (Edition 143)


Does the prophecy of the shemitah and the blood moon prophecies have any relevance now that September 2015 has passed without incident? (Edition 152)

1. Nothing Like This Anywhere


If you have always wanted to have all the global watch weekly reports that have ever been produced all at one time right now then the opportunity is now here. Our Global Watch Weekly Disclosure package provides all global watch weekly reports ever produced.


All reports available on 4 beautiful premium CDs available for you to access from your computer/laptop or transfer the files to your iphone/android phone or ipad/tablet and read the reports at your own leisure.


A massive repository of global intelligence for those who need information fast to help in presentations, reviews, workshops, lectures and individual research.


Each CD comes with 3 hours of audio content as you hear experts and researchers share their views on the subject matters at hand.


.2. What Members Are Saying

Jennifer, thanks for the global watch CDs which I received today. To have received over 200 reports which I can use as teaching material is just pure inspiration. I am presently signed up with several end time subscriptions and yours is head and shoulders above the others in terms of style and content. Also your reports on technology advances with microchip technology was simply mind blowing that's all I can say. See you from down under. Bret.

Bret Wilson, Perth, Australia

Dear Rema thank you for the package. I have to admit I was slightly hesitant at first as its not usual for me to be making purchases over the internet but I am now glad I did. What really gets me is how each week you are able to come up with different material. It clearly shows a level of commitment you have to keeping us info hungry members happy. Great work and look forward to many more editions to come. Thanks Sharon.

Sharon Sloane, Richmond, Virginia

As a long standing member I have always looked forward to your new releases but having all the global watch editions on CD is truly the ultimate prize. I believe you guys have a very specific and direct ministry and whilst some may not like your style the majority will because of your willingness not to candy coat the impact of the masonic influence on a global level. More heavenly power to the whole team.

Phil Crozier, Irving, Texas

Having two sons who are studying genetics at University I thought your information on transhumanism would provide them some interesting dissertation ideas. I couldn't have been more right. They were simply blown away by the fact that the governments we elect into power and whom we pay taxes to could be involved in such incredibly diabolical projects. Its at least comforting to know that the time of the end and the appearance of the messiah is at hand. Wonderful work Nancy to you and the team there at Rema. Keep going. Grace.

Grace McKenzie, Nova Scotia, Canada

Absolutely love your material. A number of my friends at Uni are into this zeitgeist movement so it was refreshing to come across your materials which spoke about the dangers of movements which seem to be on the surface saying the same thing you are. But the best edition for me was the one on music control. Highly relevant and please do more about the influence of freemasonry in pop culture. Thanks. B.P.

Ben Pendergast, Scotland, United Kingdom

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You may not know that the Global Watch Weekly was born out of another monthly intelligence report we used to publish called the Vision Report Watch. Whilst this special edition monthly publication has been discontinued, we still have access to the existing publications.

Whilst you wait for your global watch disclosure 4 pack CD package to arrive in the post why not enjoy immediate access to what have been voted the 5 best Vision Report Watch editions ever produced. You will be provided immediate access to these content packed reports and have something immediate to read over whilst you wait for the arrival of your CDs.

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P.P.S. Remember, each of the 4 CDs come with an additional 3 hours of audio expert opinion for you to listen to.
P.P.P.S. Remember, you get immediate access to the 5 best Vision Report Watch editions ever published.

Yours Sincerely

Jennifer Saxon
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