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The United Kingdom decision to exit the EU is one of the most controversial and shocking referendum outcomes in global political history.

But where does this leave the European Union dream? And what about the Vatican whose Jesuit trained politicians have led many of the political parties supporting the European super state dream?

Many Bible Prophecy experts are ready to wipe their hands clean of traditional prophecies about the rebirth of a modern day Roman Empire. But is chaos the means by which this troubled super power will rise?

A true understanding of the European Union today can only truly be measured in the context of what has happened in previous centuries before. At that time of Christ the Roman Empire was at the height of its powers having ascended to world dominion through the decline of the Grecian empire after the death of Alexander the Great. Rome had one currency, one army and one ruler known as emperor. The religion of imperial Rome was paganism that was significantly composed of belief systems and concepts that originated from the time of ancient Babylon.

From the height of its glory and grandeur imperial Rome fell into decline and was eventually over run by the barbarian hordes. However the Christian Church which had been started by the apostles had undergone a significant, damaging and covert change during the reign of one of the last emperors, Constantine, in which rituals and beliefs from pagan Rome had seeped into the hierarchy of the Church. By the time that imperial Rome was no more, the Roman Catholic Church rose up to fill the power vacuum in exerting itself as the Holy Roman Empire, a mandate from God through its Popes, to bring Christianity to the world, regardless of the method and to ensure the survival of the legacy of Rome.story.

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