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If the worship and adoration of anyone other than Jesus Christ is strictly forbidden in the Bible then then why do millions of people across the world pray to the Virgin Mary to intercede on their behalf?

Apparitions of the Catholic Mary are seldom covered by the media, yet, these paranormal wonders have captured the attention of tens of millions of people worldwide.

Furthermore, they have been reported in nearly every country at thousands of locations including the Muslim world. When Marian apparitions start appearing in Muslim countries then you have to sit up and ask what is going on.

You may be asking yourself, if its that simple, then why are millions upon millions of people making annual pilgrimages to shrines all over the world to have the chance of seeing the physical appearing of Mary? Why do millions upon millions of people each day repeat Hail Mary's in the belief that their prayers are actually reaching the throne of God? And why is it that many Catholics who know the real truth about scripture, try to explain and shrug the Marian apparitions off as a side diversion that's not really important as far as Catholic teaching is concerned?

This is a complex question but one of the chief culprits behind this elaborate deception are the popes, bishops and priests within the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church largely has never officially warned its members to despise Marian apparitions. Instead the Church in 1960 confirmed where it was on this position by announcing the doctrine of the Assumption of Mary. This meaning that unlike believers who die in the faith and whose spirits rest in Paradise until the resurrection, that Mary bypassed this step and is now in heaven in a physical body just like Jesus. Such a belief would obviously make the Marian apparitions even more justifiable since it could be explained that she is not in Paradise but already in a resurrected state (even more advanced than Samuel).

Furthermore, the Church in its quest to restore the Kingdom of God on earth doesn't just have spiritual ambitions but political ambitions too, and so any Marian apparition which provides insight into the political direction that the Church should be heading is seized upon as a visible sign from God.

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