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The Bible makes it clear that God does not have a flesh and blood body, but the way man was created makes him in the likeness of God. the concept known as the Singularity alters man's likeness to God, and thus man is no longer in the image of God. Tampering with man's integrity is a very serious business with God. It appears from Bible prophecy that man will reach Singularity just prior to the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus and now we are witnessing a massive explosion of interconnecting initiatives and companies all seemingly working on a common goal to achieve the Singularity.

The rapid movement ahead by mankind in altering our make up is already providing early signs of disastrous consequences and controversies. For instance in the last 10 years there has been an increasing outbreak of Morgellons disease, a name given to a condition in which sufferers feel like insects or parasites are crawling under the skin, and seeing the growth of excessive hairs or fibers which they literally pull out from their skin. This is highly controversial because despite the denial by medical authorities, their seems to be a link between this condition and genetically modified foods....Is this just the beginning of major catastrophes to come.

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