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If you get a map showing the Black and Caspian seas, and check several history books for nations that occupied this area of the world in the 1st and 2nd millenia BC and exhibited militaristic traits similar to the Germans, you quickly discover some very interesting facts. That part of the world was dominated by Assyria and a neighboring kingdom, the Hittites.

Read what historians and archaeologists have learned about these ancient nations. Notice their distinctive national character traits. Compare those traits to the ones that Germans have been noted for for nearly 2000 years. It won’t take you long to begin to realize you are on to something!

Germany is a land of mysteries—and miracles! One of the most remarkable aspects of the German people is their astounding recovery and social transformation since the end of World War II. In 1945 the entire nation—which only 12 years earlier had set out to rule Europe and the world—lay prostrate in defeat. German cities had been reduced to rubble. Industry and the economy were destroyed. However, "just as the Germans had set world-class standards in destruction and self-destruction, they now proved equally adept at digging out and cleaning up" (The German Question and Other German Questions, Schoenbaum, p. 12). Today Germany’s rebuilt cities hum with activity. The German economy is one of the biggest and strongest in the world. Wages and living standards are among the highest in the world. The militarized Germany of the Nazis has become a peaceful democracy. This would have seemed unthinkable 50 years ago.

But just who are these remarkable people—the Germans? What’s behind their miraculous recovery and incredible transformation? Most scholars recognize that "Germany is one of the great cultural centers of Europe and that German achievements in architecture, music, literature and philosophy are among the landmarks of civilization" (The New Germans, Radice, p. xvi). The great composers—Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss—were Germans. Gutenberg printed the first book with moveable type, the Bible, in Mainz about 1456. The ideas of Martin Luther spawned the Protestant Reformation. German philosophers and theologians have molded the intellectual climate of the West. In academic fields, "from agronomy to zoology, Germans have not only advanced, but practically defined the natural sciences" (Schoenbaum, p. 11). German-engineered products are synonymous with precision and quality around the world. The contribution of Germany to the development of Western civilization has been almost without parallel!

So is this just historic coincidence or is there a spiritual and prophetic consideration that we need to understand?

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