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What if we showed you what Godís Word really has to say about what foods YOU should eat and what foods you should avoid. Yes, God didnít leave that out for us; He gave us clear instructions on what to eat so we can live a healthy life in this flesh body that He created!!! He created this body, He shall surely know what are the right foods that shall fuel it to live a long and healthy life; and not your doctor or dietician. This is common sense, right? The Bible is a letter of instructions written for you and to be followed by you.

Why does God provide the health laws for us, on what we can eat? Why are they an abomination to you? Because they carry things within them that will tare down your immune system and make you sick. It may not be instant, but in the course of time, and the amount you eat, in time will catch up with YOU, and damage your health.

Together, you can help me spread the word about good eating habits, the right foods to eat, the bad foods to avoid and the numerous health tips that are in this eBook and more importantly, you can help me save lives from punishing disease and illness, saving families from heartbreak not to mention financial stress. WE all deserve living a HEALTHY LIFE, free from manís confusion of what consists good food.

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