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The recent horror which took place in the heart of the UK capital was a militant Islamic terror attack resulting in broken bodies, carnage and death. This comes in addition to previous terror attacks in France, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, USA and Canada.

What possesses a man that he can believe he is doing the will of God by going into the population and inflicting bloodshed and carnage on innocent people with no distinction as to who the victims are?

One can only truly understand this by exploring the actual prophecies in Islamic theology which which are fueling these appalling acts of terror.

How many political documentaries and commentaries have you watched about the rise of Islamic terrorism and militant Islam where it is said the root cause of their animosity is because of our way of life. Well that is only half the truth. The root cause behind militant Islam is because Jerusalem is controlled by the Jews Unfortunately because most people discard the Bible they simply don't get it. This conflict when you look at the root cause is due to one thing. The fact that jihadists want to reclaim Jerusalem back from the seed of Isaac. Its the modern day revival of the conflict between Ishmael and Isaac.

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