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More Than Human is a 5 part report which takes a look at the murky world of transhumanism, transgenics and the plan to re-engineer the DNA of the human race to create what is known as a Post-Human.

This 3 minute introduction highlights key elements of this diabolical agenda which also focuses on genetically modified foods. With this 5 part report you will  get access to key expert opinions and over 12 hours of incredible support videos.

An unholy trinity of revolutions has widened its sphere of influence over mankind in the twenty first century deepening its grip and ensuring that the future of mankind follows a predicted path. One could be mistaken for assuming that these three revolutions are all random events, but with a little discernment one will begin to observe, that across all three revolutions is the same end goal. The deification of man or in other words, man attaining immortality and godhood status. These three revolutions are genetic engineering, spiritual enlightenment and technology acceleration. All three may seem like independent strands yet beneath the mist that that hides their footprint is a control center operating out of a spiritual plane.

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