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The research for this new publication is based on over 16 months of study on some of the most hideous and controversial technologies that are being used to facilitate the Antichrist one world government platform.

Many of these technologies  are scientific breakthroughs which have crossed over into the realm of the spiritual and supernatural dimensions. Others are technologies which have been developed by man based on the transmission of specific knowledge (gnosis) from the angelic realm to the humans who have opened themselves up as receivers and conduits.

Six thousand years ago, the human race underwent an incredible transformation. Man the hunter and man the farmer suddenly became man the city dweller, and within a mere few hundred years he was practicing advanced mathematics, astronomy and metallurgy! The place where these first cities suddenly arose was ancient Mesopotamia, in the fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where the country of Iraq now lies. The civilization was called Sumer, the “birthplace of writing and the wheel”,’ and from its very beginning it bore a striking resemblance to our own civilization and culture today. There, in ancient Sumer... urban living and literacy flourished in cities with names such as Ur, Lagash, Eridu and Nippur. Sumerians were early users of wheeled vehicles and were among the first metallurgists, blending metals into alloys, extracting silver from ore, and casting bronze in complex molds. However in the 19th century and 20th century, significant excavations have revealed some incredible insights as to the real reason behind the rapid advancement of this incredible civilization.

It was during the birth of what we call modern science during this time period, that science and the occult branches into different paths with science becoming mainstream and with the occult being seen as a fraternity. Today however the old relationship between science and the occult is experiencing a new surge of popularity in holistic philosophy and New Age beliefs. Serious physicists are contemplating time travel and parallel universes. We are now experiencing some big breakthroughs in science, but some of them are coming from science looking at what some might call the occult.

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