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The footprints of the devil in the form of symbols and imagery is not limited to just the music world. Even in the corporate world images and themes which originate from the pit of hell have worked their way into places you wouldn't expect.

Whether its symbolic ridden commercials from big corporate giants like Lexus or the fact that a terrorist group originating from the area of Babylon would call themselves ISIS, the name for an ancient spirit, the footprints of the enemy are becoming more and more visible in our every day world.

The Premium Disclosures package is a package which was initially launched by our product creation team for our members who had been with us for a number of years in celebrating our anniversary. It is now an online accessible package which provides some rather unbelievable and astonishing insights never provided by us before.

Due to its popularity and relevance, especially to parents, guardians and youth workers, this package has now been extended as being available to all members in providing insights especially in regards to some of the most blatant footprints of the occult across our the mainstream and non mainstream areas of our society. This is a special collectors item which is made only available to members like you who value our work and support our ministry so take a look and see if its something you would like to also have in your arsenal of powerful educational tools.

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