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The following statement made by Sherry Shriner, someone who claims to be a prophet of God, is providing the fuel for secular conspiracy researchers to believe that the theory of a reptilian race is supported by the Bible.

"The Reptilians are the most notorious (alien group) and well known among the bloodline families, who, after all, have their bloodlines linked directly to them These bloodline families are so protective of their lines that they even insist on intermarriage only simply because through their DNA, they can activate it to become hosts of Reptilians. Through this specific DNA, secret rituals, and blood drinking, those with this DNA can then invite and host a reptilian to possess them. This allows for shape-shifting."

Today one of the biggest proponents of the Serpent Seed doctrine are the Christian Identity Movement who believe that the  Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Nordic and kindred peoples of the world are the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and are the lost tribes of the house of Israel. The movement is not an organized religion but is instead composed of individuals, churches and some prison gangs with a white supremacist theology that promotes a racial interpretation of Christianity.

Arnold Murray, founder of The Shepherd's Chapel, accepted that the Jews (Kingdom of Judah) were descended from Adam through Seth, as described in the Bible. However, his view was that the Kenites (rather than the Jews) were the offspring of Cain, and infiltrated the northern kingdom of Israel.

The majority of Christian Identity supporters consider Europeans to be the "chosen people" and Jews to be the cursed offspring of the "serpent hybrid" Cain. Many of these teachings were later adopted by white supremacist sects and gangs such as the Klu Klax Klan.

Serpent Seed Theory is a dramatic collection of over 16 hours of audio documentaries on 2 CDs which examines the case as to whether the Serpent Seed Theory is a correct biblical position. We examine the case for and against this controversy as leading experts provide their views on a controversy that traces its origin all the way back to the time of the early church fathers.

You will understand what is at stake with this debate and why it is important to have a grasp of both sides of the debate so that you can have a better understanding as to the correct biblical view on the scriptures supposedly supporting this theory.

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