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A new breed of next generation street magicians have gripped the media in the last several years. It used to be that David Blaine was the most household name but now the likes of Dynamo, Criss Angel and Derren Brown are prolific in grabbing high profile media slots. Slight of hand, human potential or demonic agents? What is the big debate on why the media is popularizing a new wave and brand of street magic.

"Supernatural America - The tragedy of the United States", stands on its own as one of the greatest pieces of recent research to address the occult influences which shaped Americas past and which are clearly shaping the culture and direction of the American nation today. The official comment that came back from one of the reports initial reviewers was,

"From physics to philosophy to the paranormal, the reader will be taken along for an energetic exploration of discovery. If you don’t like to be surprised, if you love to feel comfortable you already know the facts, and you want to avoid challenges to your worldview, especially your opinion of America’s place in the grand scheme of things—you better skip this report. However, if you are willing to open your mind and consider the facts presented, you might be the better for your effort".

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