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The movie 2016: Obama's America asserts that some of Obama's key objectives whilst in office were to

1) Reduce the role of American Imperialism on the global stage

2) Influence the rise of a United States of the Middle East
With one of the worst relationships with Israel for any American president, are we seeing the evidence of this agenda as we witness the final months of his legacy.

The Antichrist Identity is a 150 Page Report where you will have full complete 100% access to cutting edge evidence that the new world order is moving forward now at lightening speed. No stone is unturned, we name names and provide clear documented evidence for you to observe covering the merovingian question, prince charles of wales, barack obama, the islamic madhi, the coming maitreya, the dark apostate side of the zionist movement.....and much more.

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Project Enoch - Enjoy Free Access to an additional 130 page report covering the diabolical agenda to wreak havoc on the 3 world faiths claiming, lineage to Abraham (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) and destroy the concept of monotheism to facilitate the fusion of the major world religions.


15 Essays Exposing The Dangers of the Obama Movement - A Free 30 Page Report with essays from 15 of Americas top political journalists and columnists on the dangers of the Obama Movement.

Immediate access to the full 1 hour Obama 2016 documentary and 10 hours of additional supporting video material that will surely and conclusively provide you with additional proof of a covert conspiracy to again implode the global economy this time with an even more dangerous consequences. If you invest in Stocks, Forex, Property you must be informed. These videos are jam-packed full of deadly insights and includes tons of additional information such as the Mark of the Beast technology that is being trialed in Japan, the lineage of the coming Antichrist, America's role as the Guardian of the New World Order and the actual names of the individuals involved in a covert new world order plan operating strategically from each of the 10 major world regions

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