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There is a refusal by the mainstream media to accept the fact that there is a global agenda which is using Islamic radical terror as its Trojan horse.

Biometric identification, increased surveillance and the erosion of privacy could never be implemented unless there is a worldwide problem so traumatic and destructive that people will welcome whatever solution is available, no matter the cost.

Islamic terror is the tool being used by the global elite but people living in ignorance just can't see it.

The barbaric crusades for control of Jerusalem during the medieval era have still left open wounds in terms of reconciliation between Islam and Christianity, even now in the twenty first century. Islam claims that there is a secret agenda to undermine its position in the world as a leading exporter of oil. The Western World believes that true world peace cannot be achieved until the Israel - Palestinian crisis has been resolved. Jerusalem is becoming the burdensome stone as prophesied by Zechariah. Understand the dynamics which shape this explosive issue of Islam vs The West, right now in the twenty first century.

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