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In the 110 years between 1902 and 2012 (and continuing to now), there has been an ongoing attempt by those who control the movie industry to increase the publics perception to the possibility of an advanced extra-terrestrial civilization outside of our solar system.

Evolution, built on Darwin's premise of Atheism has had to go through a major reconstruction as the enemy's agenda of false philosophy has changed from "we are the only ones" to "we are not alone". Correct under a biblical world view but seriously poisonous under a secular framework.

When the movie Prometheus was launched in 2012 it was evolution's direct attack on the biblical concept of Genesis. It was also the fulfillment of the beliefs of Erick Von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin and all those authors who have produced countless documents and videos claiming that Sumerian tablets discovered in Iraq over the last century proved that the human race was an engineering project of an advanced extraterrestrial species. The concept is commonly known as the ancient astronaut theory.

Darwin's theory of evolution has had to undergo fundamental changes due to these findings! No longer is it simply just a "Big Bang" that against all odds created the earth and ultimately cells that would evolve to become living organisms. Instead the concept is now that micro life forms on earth were seeded by a much more advanced civilization as part of a genetic experiment.

A key feature of this poisonous message is the fact it keeps using the Bible to supports it premise. So many times we keep hearing about Genesis 6 and the Sons of God who are also referred to as the Nephilim, Grigori and the Annunnaki. That they came down and engineered the human race to become ultimately what we are today.

Yet Genesis 6 is actually a record of how fallen angels came down to earth for a specific purpose, which was to corrupt the human race and prevent the coming of a messiah that would one day come to fully restore the broken relationship between God and the race that he had created.

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