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In Judeo-Christian history Angels are a medium of Gods Power and they exist to execute Gods will and judgments. The modern day description of Angels seems to label them as winged soft beings.

However the real insight into Angels opens up a revelation that Angels are actually part of an incredible military assignment. Learn more about this incredible universal military conflict which began in ages past and is still taking place in this modern era.

When talking about the works of darkness Christians feel comfortable relating it to the break down of society and moral values but there is a sense of apprehension when the question comes up about UFOs, Angels, the time before Adam and Eve, the paranormal and how and when did dinosaurs exists. What about people in Church who seem to have the ability to see into the future or have special gifts that they hide for fear of being demonized. What counseling can we provide or what biblical context can we provide to give them a framework for knowing how these gifts should or shouldn't be used?

The goods news is that this is the reason why we have just released a stunning, provocative but eye opening report called "X-Phenomenon". Working with one of the worlds leading thinkers and writers on technology, unexplained phenomena and Christianity, this report is for those of you, who like me are simply not afraid to ask questions or understand alternative views about the origins of the earth, the nature of  men and angels and how this all fits into understanding the end times.

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