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Transhumanism is one of the world's most dangerous philosophies. The birth of this movement has influenced technological leaps that will ultimately result in what is termed the Singularity or what Revelation 13:15 describes as the birthing of self autonomous artificial intelligence. Simply sign up below for access to our FREE investigative 5 part report which discusses this in full depth.

The Global Watch Weekly is a project which began in October 2011 and which continued up until 2019. The 250 publications in our library (which used to be subscription based) are now freely available for your review and download.

We package some of the most unique global intelligence insights in regards to the progression of the new world order agenda and the fulfilment of bible prophecy. Our packages go beyond surface level bible prophecy/end times/conspiratorial information and goes very deep down the rabbit hole.

Whether its Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence, Global Surveillance, Genetic Engineering, Computer-Brain Interfaces, Microchip Implantation, Globalism, Brexit and the Vatican driven European Union, Agenda 2030 and the Climate Control Conspiracy, Antarctica and Occult Technology, the rise of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, NASA and Un-publicized Space Projects, DARPA and Google Deepmind Projects, The Sinister Workings of Equifax and Experian, Depopulation, the Club of Rome and Regionalization, Pandemics and Pestilences, Pope Francis and the Interfaith Agenda, Illuminati, Bilderbergers and the Venetian Black Nobility or Cryptic Symbology in Arts, Entertainment and Culture we cover it all.


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